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How To Improve Your Skillset To Earn Double In Corporate Security Without Reading BIG BORING BOOKS

Inside This Corporate Security Career Success Workshop, You’ll Learn:


3 Reasons Security Professionals Struggle: How to Break Out of Survival Mode.


3 Focus Areas Our Certified Professional Used to Transform Their Careers.


Understand Corporate Security Career Potential.


Your Career Self Assessment Audit


Proven Ways To Advance Your Career

Dear Security Professional,


Working hard daily for 10 to 12 hours, year after year, to fulfill your job responsibilities while taking care of your family and trying to live a life with a tight monthly survival salary.


To reach your full potential as a security professional, you need more than HARD WORK!

Life is more than mere transactions; it’s about unlocking your full potential and building the life you dream of rather than working hard without realizing the outcome of that work.

If you are reading this, you already have the necessary enthusiasm to succeed and trying to figure out how to succeed, but you just don’t know how.


I was exactly in your shoes while working hard as a Corporate Security Professional for the top 3 Multinational Corporations.

To figure out the exact steps needed to succeed in the Corporate Security Industry,  I was continuously learning by reading countless books on Security Subject Matter, due to which I didn’t have enough time for myself or my family.

Reading so many Books and Relating Those Concepts with ground application is not an easy task. 

.I saw young professionals with a few years of experience taking over professionals’ decades of experience just because they knew something extra.

This triggered a sense of self-realization in me that my career growth is a direct reflection of my personal development.

What worries me is security professionals struggling to survive in their careers despite working hard for decades.

Then, I started to analyze the root cause of why Security Professionals are stuck up in their careers.

1. Security Professionals are so busy caught up in day to day operations of companies that they forget about their own growth.

2. Existing professional membership organizations make it so complex and expensive by following the same exact stupid process our schools & colleges used to make students mediocre in the first place.

For instance, to get certified, you have to read BIG, BORING BOOKs for hours and hours, for several months to a year, just to mug up useless history and mere facts and figures that never help develop your critical thinking.

How the heck in the world can a security professional read BIG BORING BOOKs that are written by aliens from Mars…that too after working 10 to 12 hours a day?

How does it matter that the quality of a certification program is determined by complexity (done on purpose), i.e., the number of pages, the time required to prepare, and the number of people who failed a zillion other useless metrics that were used in our academic education system (that designed to develop slave worker mindset in a student)?

There is something that is missing in the puzzle.

Thinking of my own strategy for the problems that security professionals face every day… And here I am now at CorpSecurity International, empowering security professionals worldwide.

With extensive research, feedback from thousands of our members, and validation from our certified subject matter experts and prominent industry leaders from around the globe, my team and I were able to develop The Most Practical Corporate Security Certification Programs that actually help you advance your career without reading BIG BORING BOOKS.

Since their inception, thousands of Security Professionals around the globe have obtained our certification programs and become the standard of excellence in corporate security. As a result of which, the biggest MNCs worldwide have hired them and been promoted to the next level.

Be smart in your learning journey towards corporate security excellence and choose the better path to success by signing up for CorpSecurity International Certification Programs.

Say goodbye to hefty textbooks and countless study hours and succeed in your career with the most practical, simple, and yet efficient certification process that actually makes you an expert and leaves you feeling great!

Together, let us empower security professionals worldwide!

Loved By Our Mentees Worldwide!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Corp Security International for the course completed.

I found it very informative and engaging, the course. covers skills development techniques and strategies that will make an expert and problem solver.

I look forward to applying what I have learnt in my personal and professional life.

Abel Muhwezi, CSM®

Manager Security Investigations
Uganda, Kampala.

Siva RP is a best-instructors and a good mentor which designed the course to focus on the best practices and experiences to get update and improve faster of knowledge skills.

I would recommended this course for all security leaders, security professional, security manager or who want to become security experts in improving and enhancing security skillas knowledge should join this training and certification program. fulfilling several areas of security domains.

Yaroth Chhay, CSM®

Senior Vice-President, ACLEDA Bank
Ltd. Cambodia

I recently completed the Certified Security Manager (CSM) Program offered by Corp Security International.

I am highly impressed with the quality of education and support provided. The program mentor Siva RP is knowledgeable, Responsive and personal during sessions. I learned a great deal from this program, which has prepared me for a successful career in corporate security.

Mohamed Adel, CSM®

Safety and Security Manager, Nile
University Egypt

148 reviews on
bhupesa pallai
bhupesa pallai
This course is give me an identification as a security professional Thank You for recognize me.
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh
I want to take a moment to thank you CropSecurity International. I found this certification couse has been covered everything related to the investigation part. This certification course gives me an additional value to my career.
Yogesh Patil
Yogesh Patil
One Stop solutions for all kind of Safety and security knowledge Before the certification I was not aware about the corporate security function and their steps , Presation of course is different and very understandable for getting concepts clear, My daily tasks are completed with course relevant terms and functions that time I realised. Feeling proud to say now I am a member of CORP SECURITY International and CSI® certificated
Manohar Saraf
Manohar Saraf
Thank you to provide us of this great opportunity and looking forward we recommend this to any other..once again thank you very much.
Bandu Chavan
Bandu Chavan
It is great platform to grow in your career further. Thanks Siva Sir and Corp Team to get this opportunity to success in our career.
Borko Trpeski
Borko Trpeski
I want to take a moment to thank Corp Security International for the ___ course. I found it to be extremely informative and engaging. The course covers a variety of skill developing techniques and strategies that will make you expert thinker and problem solver. The material was well organized and easy to follow and I appreciated the variety of resources provided. Thank you again for offering this course. I believe it will be a valuable resource for every security professional looking for transition into corporate security arena. I look forward to applying what I learned in my personal and professional life
Zwivhuya Rasivhaga
Zwivhuya Rasivhaga
It was super exciting to study CSI with CorpSecurity International,learn a lot and currently am ready to apply what I learnt.
Praveen Raj
Praveen Raj
I would like to thank corpsecurity team for giving this opportunity to get the certification, i found this covers almost everything related to investigation, as a criminologist, this course gives additional value to my career, i belived that this certification course gives additional value to all the security professionals.

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How CorpSecurity Advances Your Career

#1. Enhance Your Credibility

Level Up Your Corporate Security Career with CorpSecurity Professional Certification Programs

The author expresses gratitude to Corp Security International for their support in obtaining the Certified Security Manager (CSM) certification. They highlight the personalized study plan, resources, and guidance provided by the organization, emphasizing its value for Indian Army veterans and its comprehensive approach to advancing security. Overall, Corp Security International is credited with efficiently equipping individuals to become security professionals.
Girish NH, CSM®.

#2. Grow Your Network

Join the Supportive Global Security Community that’ll Help You Thrive

It was a good experience, studying to get Corp Security International’s Certified Security Manager (CSM) Advanced Security Management Certification. Part of the value of becoming certified is the invaluable knowledge you gain from CSM body of knowledge and innovative training program.
Ahmed Mohamed, CSM®.

Join Community Worth 150 USD Completely FREE!

#3. Transform To Security Leader

Transform Yourself Into a Modern Security Leader with CorpSecurity Professional Leadership Programs, Get Recognition, and Respect and Achieve Lifelong Success. 

This certification boosted a different level of confidence inside me which helped to increase my knowledge in 08 key domain of corporate security which directly impacted in my professional growth and to build an image among other security professional fraternity – increased opportunity to tap in to the global network and global experiences that have been very valuable to give me the opportunity to present valuable informations to my clients.
Ashu Sharma, CSM®.

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