What is ASIS CPP certification, and how it will benefit your security career?

Security is always an essential part of everyone’s life. Security is a feeling of freedom from fear. So, basically, security is more of psychological relief, without which no one will be able to focus on their day to day activities.
Then who are the people protecting those multi-billion dollar organizations and making every employee feel secure? What are their skillsets, qualifications, and certifications?

If you are in the security profession and have spent a considerable amount of time in the Security Industry, you would surely hear about ASIS CPP certification. Keeping the doubters aside, the CPP has helped many security professionals reached their highest potential in their Security Management career.
So, before discussing the benefits of this prestigious certificate. Let’s first talk about what CPP certification is? The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification is recognized as the most noteworthy achievement in a professional security career.
The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification gives undeniable evidence of security expertise in eight key domains of security management. The individuals who achieved the CPP are ASIS board-certified in Security Management.

The CPP is granted only after rigorous assessment of an individual’s knowledge in the critical domains in security management besides qualitative experience criteria. Continuous professional education is required to keep up the credential.
The CPP is conducted by ASIS International, the eminent global association with over 34,000 security experts around the world.

So for what reason is this certification is so important?

There are numerous security professionals are there, and many claim to be specialists in the security field. Getting the profoundly desired designation as a CPP shows the mastery in security management. You can be guaranteed that a security professional with the CPP behind their name is an expert in security management solutions. It is proof that he or she has accomplished the most elevated, highest security validation level in the industry.

For security experts, there are many reasons why you should go ahead with ASIS CPP Certification.
First, there is a degree of achievement that accompanies turning out to be Board Certified. Keep in mind, you have worked hard in your field throughout the years, and acquiring your CPP is the matter of prestige that top’s your security career. Not every person can reach this level, and once they do, they need to proceed to learn and develop in their calling to look after it.

In 2002 ASIS International informed that only around 45-50% of students who appear for the exam passed in their first attempt. Be that as it may, with any exam, it truly comes down to the time spent in preparation and studying.
This isn’t an exam that you can pass without a great deal of exertion or effort, even if you are experienced, and you think you know the material.

The second explanation you must consider getting your CPP certification is that it will open new doors for your career. For those that are thinking about changing employees, having your CPP may mean the distinction in getting a new position or not.
Numerous organizations have included CPP as a “desired” or must have qualification quality in their job postings in the industry.
For those who are not considering an occupation change, getting your CPP may open new doors inside your organization also. Another reason to get your CPP is it will help in a raise in pay. Although not every organization will ok with this fact but will boost your salary, it does happen often.

Post COVID-19, organizations will have to recruit employees with the best security credentials
Since security can be such a significant risk factor, wouldn’t it be judicious to acquire a board-certified master versus somebody that has not been checked? There are a large number of self-broadcasted security specialists publicizing their administrations, but then there are just around 5,500 CPP’s on the planet.

There are two different ways to see that number. First, the quantity of CPPs is low contrasted with the absolute number of professionals overall. Because the CPPs have aced their field and met all the criteria to sit for the test. And have scored above 82% in all the domains of Security Management.

The other method to see it is that ASIS International set the guidelines for the Certified Protection Professional high to safeguard the uprightness of the program. Contrary if the qualification prerequisites were set lower and the test procedure was made basic, there would be more CPPs around the globe. However, the estimation of such authorization would be reduced and fall into a similar class that numerous accreditations get themselves; simple to get and almost no believability.

Having the CPP credential behind your name is a genuine marker that you are in the tip-top gathering of professionals that have been Board Certified in Security Management.

How CPP Certificate will benefit your security career?

• Extended Career Opportunities
• Expanded potential higher positions with higher duties
• Improved Income
• Individual Achievement

The security world is loaded with numerous professional certifications that offer plenty of initials ranging from local security associations to country-specific, region-specific. Still, ASIS has always stood out from the crowd with its quality.
The short response to the assessment of expert security certifications is: It depends. For the uninitiated, they don’t mean anything, other than a long series of initials behind the individual’s name.

As the CPP has demonstrated its quality across the world, it is easy for organizations or clients to hire security professionals with CPP.

ASIS offers four board-confirmed credentials, including the respected Certified Protection Professional (CPP), the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), the Physical Security Professional (PSP) accreditation, and the recent entry-level management accreditation Associate Protection Professional (APP). Each includes a thorough test, explicit long stretches of work in the security field, instructive prerequisites, suggestions by peers who as of now hold that particular assignment, and proceeding with continuous training and recertification necessities.

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