The world around us is living a competitive way of life. Every corner of the planet is filled with opportunities, life-changing moments, and enough competition in terms of any field. Any individual has the chance of coming across a few such opportunities once in a blue moon. Like nature life also provides you resources on a limited amount for which you should be ever ready.   

If you keep looking for your blue moon moment in your life by staring at the skies all the time, even in the daytime is not going to help you find any direction in your career or life. If you want a moment like landing on the moon, then it can be achieved by aiming for better career opportunities in the security department.   

Then a simple certification course in the security industry can help you to add value to your skills and expertise, and be your blue moon. If you are a fresher with no experience in the field or a professional with minimum experience in the security industry then the course that is suitable for you is CSA (Certified Security Associate).  

WHAT IS CSA (Certified Security Associate)?  

CSA is an entry-level certification course that educates an individual who wants to be a part of the security department in the corporate world. This course applies even to the freshers, who wish to be a member of the security industry.  

With the help of this certification, you can enter as a fresher into the security department, at the same time this certification can open doors to positions like security officer and security executive.  

CSA (Certified Security Associate) teaches you about the fundamentals in security operation training and awards you a certification as qualified security professional in various modules. In particular, CSA Certification course consists of 12 modules that explain corporate security through security operations training program.

Modules in CSA (Certified Security Associate)   

  • Introduction to Security   
  • Company Policies and Procedures   
  • Physical Security  
  • Electronic Security  
  • Investigations  
  • Report Writing   
  • Patrols  
  • Workplace Violence  
  • Incident Response and Emergency Preparedness   
  • Public Relations  
  • Introduction to Life Safety and Fire Protection  
  • Traffic Control  

These key modules shape you as a complete security professional that is required by the security department in the corporate world and also make you an ideal candidate when it comes to choosing between you and others for a position in the security industry.  


Even though it is an entry-level certification course it also requires you to fulfill a few simple criteria’s to be an eligible candidate for this course.  

  • Candidates who are applying for this course with two years of security experience as a Security Supervisor do not need any kind of higher education degree.  
  •  Security Officers who want to opt for this course need at least 1 year of experience in that position even with no higher education degree.  
  • Prospects with a bachelor’s degree need to have 6 months to no experience in the field of security.   
  • Along with all these, the candidate must have a clean record. He/she must have not been convicted of any criminal charges or criminal offenses.  
  • You need to sign a code of conduct certificate.  


CSA (Certified Security Associate) being an entry-level course, the duration period of the course is about 8 to 12 weeks.  

During this period, you will learn  

  • About the security operations which are essential in the field of work as a security professional.  
  • You will be chosen as an ideal candidate in your line of work by the corporate world.  
  • You will have a strong foundation as a security professional in the corporate sector.  
  • With the added competitive advantage lead your way for better opportunities that pay with better compensations.  
  • Employers will not have second thoughts about hiring you as their security staff.  
  • Among the security personnel in your peer group, you will have a different recognition.  

Weekly wise you are assigned tasks related to the modules in the course and at the end of every week an assessment test to test you. You are awarded the CSA certification at the end of the course if you score a minimum of 80% in the final assessment which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.  

The CSA (Certified Security Associate) certification by CORP SECURITY INTERNATIONAL can be the best bet for your security profession in the corporate security industry.  Any security professional who wants a platform to prove their worth in the corporate security world can get recognized among many other applicants is only through such a certification course. The CSA (Certified Security Associate) certification course offers you an added benefit in the process of job search in the security industry. 

The security industry is going through a fast progression phase in the corporate world. Becoming a security professional in this era can transform your career in a better way.