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The transition from military life to civilian life can be a challenging experience for ex-servicemen. After years of service in the military, they are faced with the prospect of starting a new career in the corporate world. While the two worlds may seem vastly different, there are similarities between the two, especially when it comes to the competitive nature of the corporate world. In this blog post, we will explore how ex-servicemen can navigate the battlefield of the corporate world and succeed. We will understand this with the Motivating Success Story of Major Jitesh Bakshi.

Survival of the Fittest: Ex-Servicemen Thriving Amidst Cutthroat Competition and Constant Evolution

Firstly, it is important to understand why the corporate world is a battlefield. The competition in the corporate world is intense. Companies are constantly vying for market share, profits, and survival. The business landscape is constantly evolving, and companies must adapt quickly to stay ahead. The pressure to perform is immense, and those who cannot keep up will be left behind.

From Combat to Collaboration: Harnessing Military Skills for Success in the Corporate Arena

This is where Military veterans can find some similarities with their military experience. In the military, soldiers are trained to adapt to changing situations and work as a team to achieve a common goal. These skills can be transferred to the corporate world. The ability to adapt quickly to change and work well in a team is essential qualities for success in the corporate world.

Shifting Mindsets: Embracing Autonomy and Initiative for Successful Transition from Military Hierarchy to Corporate Independence

From Battlefield to Boardroom: Ex-Servicemen Thriving in the Corporate Battlefield
Yaroth Chhay, CSM®
Senior Vice President at ACLEDA Bank Plc. Cambodia
Ex-Servicemen Thriving in the Corporate Battlefield
Mohamed Adel, CSM®
Safety and Security Manager at Nile University, Egypt

However, there are some key differences between the military and the corporate world that Military veterans must be aware of. In the military, orders are given, and they must be followed. In the corporate world, decision-making is more decentralized, and individuals must take initiative and be proactive in achieving their goals. This can be a significant shift in mindset for Military veterans, who are used to following orders.

To navigate the battlefield of the corporate world, Military veterans must be willing to update their skills constantly. In the military, soldiers are constantly trained to maintain and improve their skills. The same approach should be taken in the corporate world. The business landscape is constantly changing, and staying ahead requires individuals to constantly learn and develop new skills.

Furthermore, Military veterans must be willing to take calculated risks. In the military, soldiers are trained to make split-second decisions in high-pressure situations. This same skill can be applied in the corporate world. To stay ahead, companies must be willing to take risks and innovate. Military veterans with experience in making decisions under pressure can be valuable assets to companies.

In conclusion, the transition from military life to civilian life can be challenging, but Military veterans have valuable skills that can be transferred to the corporate world. The corporate world is a battlefield where only the strongest survive. Military veterans must be willing to adapt quickly to change, work well in a team, and take calculated risks to succeed. By constantly updating their skills and taking an innovative approach, Military veterans can thrive in the corporate world.

Unleashing Potential: How Upgrading Skills Can Propel Military Veterans Into High-Paying Administrative Roles In The Corporate Battlefield

The journey from the battlefield to the boardroom is not only possible but can also lead Military veterans to lucrative administrative positions where they can earn substantial incomes. One of the key factors that can accelerate this upward trajectory is upgrading skills through specialized certification courses. We will explore how investing in courses, such as those offered by CorpSecurity International, can pave the way for Military veterans to secure higher administrative positions and potentially earn crores. To illustrate this, let’s dive into the journey of  Major Jitesh Bakshi.

The Journey of Major Jitesh Bakshi:

Jitesh Bakshi, a retired Army Major with exemplary leadership and strategic planning skills, found himself at a crossroads after leaving the military. Eager to utilize his expertise in a new arena, he embarked on a mission to transition into the corporate world. Recognizing the need to upgrade his skill set, he enrolled in the Advanced Corporate Security Management course, CSM, offered by CorpSecurity International.

Specialized Certification Course: Advanced Corporate Security Management:

Through this course, Jitesh gained in-depth knowledge of corporate security protocols, Risk Management, Crisis Response, and Organizational Security Strategies. The program equipped him with the skills necessary to handle complex security challenges faced by corporations in today’s dynamic business environment. The comprehensive curriculum covered topics such as Physical Security, Executive Protection, and Security Audits.

Gaining an Edge in the Corporate Battlefield:

Armed with his newfound expertise, Jitesh positioned himself as a valuable asset to corporate organizations seeking to strengthen their security infrastructure. His ability to apply military strategies in the business context, combined with his enhanced skill set, made him an attractive candidate for high-level administrative roles.

Earning Crores:

As Jitesh’s reputation grew, so did his career prospects. He secured a position as the Director of Corporate Security for a multinational corporation, overseeing security operations across multiple locations. His ability to navigate the corporate battlefield, mitigate risks, and implement effective security measures led to significant cost savings and increased company profitability. As a result, Jitesh’s value in the industry skyrocketed, and he earned a salary in crores, a testament to his skills and expertise.

Investing in the Future:

Jitesh ‘s Success Story highlights the importance of investing in specialized certification courses to unlock potential and accelerate career growth. While the courses offered by CorpSecurity International require financial investment, the return on investment can be substantial. By positioning themselves as highly skilled professionals, Military veterans can tap into higher administrative positions that offer substantial financial rewards.


Upgrading skills through specialized certification courses, such as the Advanced Corporate Security Management program offered by CorpSecurity International, can position Military veterans for success in the corporate battlefield. By enhancing their skill set and leveraging their military experience, Military veterans can secure high-paying administrative roles and potentially earn crores. Investing in their future through education and training is a strategic move that empowers Military veterans to thrive in the corporate world while showcasing their valuable contributions.

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