Life always provides us with choices and knowledge about how to acquire our interests and choices. 

Like in the Matrix cinematic world life doesn’t just give you a blue pill and a red pill to choose between. In the real world, life gives you multiple options to choose among which can be suited for you. If you are a security professional from the private security industry who wants to choose what is best for them based on their choices, they look for answers. 

If you are also a security professional with enough experience in the field and looking for new opportunities in the security department. And because of not knowing or having the knowledge about the qualifications and requirements that are needed some are set back professionally. 

Here is your chance to learn and know about the job descriptions of Regional Security Managers, Security Managers, and Assistant Security Managers.        

Regional Security Manager 

 He is one of the primary security detail and an advisor in any organization. The regional security manager carries out the jobs like preparations and response of the security system. Along with that he also identifies the security risks and addresses them. He designs the training programs for security in the organization. 

Duties and Responsibility 

  • Offer technical support and advice on all aspects of staff safety and security  
  • Ensure that all appropriate security systems present in the organization 
  • Need to look for improvements in safety and security management  
  • Need to conduct safety and security assessments and provide the security policies for the organizational safety measures  
  • Need to review and analyze all incident reports and security updates in the security department  
  • Define and plan the security procedures for the organization and lead the implantation of safety and security practices for the security department  
  • Provide  training for the security staff in the organization’s security department  
  • Need to have the knowledge about emergency planning and business continuity plan  
  • Should plan, coordinate, and report security systems for the management  
  • Conduct internal investigations and prevent all kinds of unwanted and unauthorized entry and incidents 
  • Declare emergencies to ensure safety and security management in addressing emergency response needs 
  • Prepare online security education modules for the security staff in the security department  
  • Implement the up-gradation of technology in the organization’s security management systems   

Qualifications and Requirements  

  • a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the education background  
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the relevant field among which 3 years must be in charge of security operations  
  • Personnel with the military, law enforcement backgrounds are highly preferable  
  • Need to possess effective technical instructional writing skills   
  • Experience in conducting essential assessments related to the safety and security  
  • Ability to organize a substantial workload while on duty  
  • Need to have planning, coordination, and reporting skills 
  • Ability to independently manage multiple tasks at a time 
  • Ability and willingness to dramatically change work practices and hours in cases of emergencies 
  • Should be willing to travel anytime  
  • Need to have good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills 
  • Ability to present complex subjects to others in a compelling manner  

Regional security manager earns up to 29 lakhs to 60lakhs per annum based on their experience. 

Security Managers 

Security managers are hired to organize and oversee the operations such as budgeting, statistical data analysis, coordinating the staff in emergencies, and other parts of the security details for an organization. All the security personnel from the security department are under his control. 

Security managers are required to develop and implement policies and procedures to maintain the security standards in the organization.  

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • The most important duty of a security manager is to develop and implement different policies and procedures to maintain the security standards for the organization. 
  • Security manager needs to demonstrate skills such as emergency response and surveillance. 
  • Need to have the knowledge of all kinds of threats and safety hazards to ensure a secure compound and safety on the campus 
  • Need to look out for all budgets that are required for the security operations and need to monitor all the expenses  
  • Must create and preserve an environment that is safely protected for the employees, visitors, and properties in the premises. 
  • Recruit, train and supervise all the security personnel from the security departments (security officers and guards).  
  • Security managers have to attend meetings with managers from other departments to determine all the operational needs. 
  • Need to possess excellent leadership skills because the entire security department is under you 
  • Need to plan and coordinate security operations for special events  
  • Coordinate security staff in cases of any emergency response and alarms. 
  • Need to review and report on the security related incidents and security breaches 
  • Need to investigate and resolve issues in the organization 
  • Security managers are asked to write/ create reports for the organizations’ management to make them aware of the security status. 
  • Security managers must analyze the data of the organization to propose new implementations and improvements in the security systems and departments in the organization. 

Qualifications and Requirements  

  • Need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in education 
  • Previous experience as a security manager or in the similar position 
  • Bachelor’s degree in security administration or business management will be very useful to apply for this role  
  • Previous experience in the security department as a security professional can be complimentary.  
  • Need to have a military or law enforcement background for this position  
  • Knowledge about relevant technology and equipment     
  • Need to have a solid understanding of budgeting and statistical data analysis 
  • Knowledge of MS Office  
  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills 
  • Organizational and leadership skills 
  • Candidates must be committed to work and reliable 
  • Knowledge about security protocols and procedures   

A security manager in India earns 12 lakhs in the initial days and can get paid up to 24 lakhs with experience and seniority. 

Assistant Security Managers 

An assistant security manager is almost like a deputy to the security manager, he is the next in line for the manager post in the security departments. The job description of the assistant security manager is to assist the manager with his duties and to develop a security policy for the organization. 

Duties and responsibilities 

  • Assist the Security Manager in overseeing all the aspects of the security department for an organization. 
  •  An assistant security manager is in charge of developing all the security measures and assuring overall security for the employees, residents, and the security staff in the organization. 
  • Need to manage, train, and assess the performance of the entire security personnel in the department 
  • Need to help in developing and writing security policies and procedures for the organization’s security department 
  • Need to oversee all the training modules for the security staff 
  • Sometimes Assistant Security Manager need to provide personal protection to important guests or persons in the hour of need or when necessary  
  • Should monitor all unauthorized vandalism on the property, removal of the property,  
  • Should submit review and report on all the incidents and accidents that happen in the vicinity of the organization. 
  • Need to regularly inspect all areas on the premises for safety and security hazards 
  • Assistant Managers are asked to file reports on safety precautions for the organization. 
  • Need to conduct internal investigations in the organization  
  • Work on schedules for the security personnel and tracking their attendance   
  • Patrol the establishment’s vicinity to keep a check on the intruders and interruptions in the security systems. 
  • Assistant Security Managers are asked to work on different shifts sometimes in the nights, on weekends, and special occasions. 
  • Most Assistant Security Managers follow a 40 hour duty time per week 

Qualifications and Requirements  

  • Previous experience in managerial positions are encouraged 
  • Military, Law enforcement, and fire fighting backgrounds can be helpful 
  • A basic college bachelor’s degree in the stream of criminal justice or business management or medical training is value-adding to the resume. 
  • Training from reputable security agencies can boost your chances  
  • Appropriate licenses that are required for a security professional 
  • Ability to handle the paperwork and fill out reports about the incidents  
  • Physically fit and good communication skills 
  • Management and supervisory skills 

Basic pay for an Assistant Security Manager per annum is 6 lakhs. The average pay is 6.8 lakhs which may double up to 14 lakhs given your seniority and experience. 

There is a great demand and need for many security professionals for this kind of role in the corporate world. Many corporate sectors, organizations, and establishments are looking for security professionals who are competent enough to fulfill the required criteria and provide good assistance for them in their security departments.  

Choose a position in the security industry and within few years into the industry can place yourself well enough in high positions in the security departments. The pay is also huge because you will be working with multi-national companies who believe in investing everywhere, where there is scope.