Newton would have not had the time to discover the gravitational force or the three Newton laws if he was born in the 21st century.

Times of a great era in which we are living now, humans are excelling in every aspect that they are setting foot in. Rocket sciences to miniature gadgets, humans have a tendency to always keep pushing the scope and boundaries to achieve success in every field.

The main reason for these impossible achievements to be achieved possibly is because of the technology and technological advancements. Inducing cutting-edge technology in every field and sector in the corporate world has seen no bounds in the matters of upgrading.

Along with the others, Physical Security is a field where cool and breakthrough gadgets and technology are bringing efficiency and effectiveness to provide safety and security.

What would Iron Man’s reaction be?

Who doesn’t love upgrades? If the Stark industry and Iron Man were real he would say that humans are evolving and that he is very proud of us for all the technology that we are investing in in the real world.

Every corner of the world is somewhat aware of at least a few of the technologies that are present in this world.

Video surveillance, motion detectors, facial recognition, drones, sensor cameras, tracking devices many more of such tech and gadgets are being used nowadays to avoid and detect all kinds of threats.

Wide range of tech and gadgets in Physical security 

The rise of violent crimes and increase in threats has become the concern of public safety in most unexpected ways, places, and times demanded the developments and upgrades in aspects of physical security everywhere. Physical security has proven to be more effective and improved its approach towards security measures with the vast increase in surveillance.

There are many threats that intimidate humans on major levels. Mankind was always assisted by technology mostly in recent times to overcome these threats.

Advantages of Technology in Physical Security

 Enough upgrades are always necessary for most of our daily activities. Not because people don’t like monotony it is just that human desires are unlimited.

Likewise, physical security personnel and their departments in the compound itself cannot assure safety and security measures. Security personnel also needs assurance and motivation to perform their duties. Introducing the technology into physical security can boost the chances of containing 90% of threats in the initial stages itself.

With the help of technology, it is very easy to maintain all the security-related data in cloud databases. All the footage, even the footage which contains the criminal activities that are recorded stored in the cloud databases. Warning about cautions through alarms or sending out alert notifications in case of security breaches to the security personnel can enable them to take swift action with all the proofs.

People can retrieve and secure the data in the databases allowing access to the authorized personnel only. Databases store all the required footage of the criminal activities to provide it as a piece of evidence when necessary. 

The usage of technology in physical security has made it possible to use innovative solutions like advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), embedded automatic facial recognition software systems, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, and many more of such technology has enhanced the physical security and made their ways into the global markets unfolding the wonders they can achieve.

Market availability

No matter how many cutting-edge techs are invented, unless and until they are available in markets for public safety they are of no use.

In the below, we will gather all the information that we can about all the technology that is available in the market for physical security.

Video Surveillance

Security Cameras are found around most of the places in almost every place in the cities and even in some villages. People started believing in themselves that they are safe when being alone in the presence of CCTVs. And some people started believing the same but in a different perspective, that they are being watched while committing an offense.

Video surveillance is being used to monitor all kinds of acts. Any act of violent criminal activity or a small theft are all captured on the video surveillance to be used as proof of violations, unlawful activities, and atrocities on video.

New introductions are made to the video surveillance to enhance the performance. Video surveillance is built-in with few extra features using other technology. These additions are very helpful in motion detection, audio detection, etc.

Video surveillance allows the security department’s personnel to identify unlawful acts or criminal activity by examining the footage that is recorded and lets them stay updated about the situations on the premises.

 Perimeter Security  

Additions like motion sensor detectors, lightings, radio-wave technology, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, and other security measures ensure the entry of authorized only.

These integrated IoT (Internet of Things) technology gives an advantage for the security personnel by sending warnings and cautions about the systems breaches and encroachments and approaching threats in advance.

Perimeter protection has become an easy task with the provided technology at their disposal

 Motion Sensor Cameras

Motion sensor cameras give you an extra advantage acting like a shield for the compound.

These cameras are quick in action, they capture everything in the vicinity even with a slight motion. Escaping from these can be a tough task. Motion sensor cameras are very sophisticated objects while performing their tasks.

Upon detecting any motion or movements in the premises the cameras send out an alarm or alert notification of security breach to the security personnel on duty.

Motor Vehicle Tracking

Tracking and tracing can help the security personnel in real-time. This technology allows you to predict the movements of the oncoming threats   

Telematics is installed in motor vehicles can help in tracking the movements which makes the effectiveness of physical security department. Tracking devices can be placed in any objects to

comply well track them by following the signals. Tracking devices are very effective for long distances too without any trouble.                        

Not only reducing the theft of the assets they with security monitoring.

Facial recognition  

Sometimes words are not enough to describe few things. Facial recognition is a software technology that is hard to elaborate on the capabilities it can function and perform.

Facial recognition technology is a breakthrough technology that assists the security department in identifying real threats. Through this software, the security department can identify certain individuals who can be a possible threat to the institution.

Upon identifying the nature of risks facial recognition software sends out a warning of a potential breach or unusual confrontations. Also generates a warning alarm or an alert notification to the security department for quick emergency response.

Let the Boon Prevail not the Bane

“Every coin has two faces” well I didn’t coin or frame those words and yet it felt right to use them in this situation to explain the pros and cons of the technology in physical security.

The advantages and resourceful nature of the technology can add a much-needed value to physical security in many ways. The extent to which we use them can determine the efficiency of the security personnel and humankind.  

Sometimes, while on duty with all the technological supplements security personnel tend to be in a relaxed state which might lead to the incompetence of the security department on the premises. In few cases, this high-end technology can be hacked by hacker organizations without proper maintenance and updates.

Monitoring video surveillance is an essential task for any security personnel who is in charge of that duty. But with all the advanced technology available it is not an ideal option to leave everything in the hands of a manmade technology, not because the technology is defective. Technology can sometimes identify threats in a better way compared to humans but the security personnel can assess and respond very quickly according to the situation instead of just sending out a signal.

Keeping all your trust in the technology can bring you a downfall on few occasions.

 Innovations and inventions are a boon given to the great minds of humankind to achieve the surprises, surprises that are meant to become wonders, wonders that happen to be engaging, engaging the human establishments. Establishing new technology for the coming generations is important, but enforcing them to do all of your works is very unprofessional.