ASIS Training Course Bundle – CPP & PCI


Corp Security CPP Flash Cards Course Flash cards are a simple yet comprehensive tool to help you:

  • Identify key terms
  • Understand critical concepts
  • Recall facts

Flash cards are delivered using the Corp Security International Learning platform and are available on any device through the web on the desktop/tablet/mobile. The CPP Flash Cards Course features more than 2500 questions and answers covering all seven domains from the current POA (2021) and Standards and Guidelines.

  • Domain 1: Security Principles and Practices
  • Domain 2: Business Principles and Practices
  • Domain 3: Investigations
  • Domain 4: Personnel Security
  • Domain 5: Physical Security
  • Domain 6: Information Security
  • Domain 7: Crisis Management

These flash cards course plays an essential role in helping test takers recall vital concepts, terms, data, and facts.