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CorpSecurity International certifications such as CSM, CSS, CSI, CSE, or CSA symbolize individuals who have demonstrated mastery of corporate security subject matter expertise. CorpSecurity International certifications are a visible acknowledgment of someone’s presented performance in corporate security management. Your employer, clients, customers, and colleagues recognize that you have a strong knowledge base and upgraded skill set per the security domain.

After accomplishing a CorpSecurity International certification, you will possess the arsenal needed to reach your goals.

As the CorpSecurity International certifications expire after 3 years, you should recertify your designation during that timeline.

Why Recertify?

Recertification shows that you have upgraded with new trends and cutting-edge practices in the security industry.

When should I get recertified?

Every professional certification has an expiry date, usually three years, and the certification validity date is displayed on the certificate. It would be best if you recertified before expiry.

Recertification Renewal Cycle

The recertification cycle is a three-year cycle between passing the Corp Security International certification examination and the deadline for submitting your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and payment to recertify your designation. For example, if you passed the exam on December 10th, 2022, your recertification application is due on December 31st, 2025.

Certification Expiry

A grace period of three months for renewal of CorpSecurity International certifications after completion of certification validity as shown in the certificate. After that, Certifications are treated as expired, and you will need to apply, take, and pass the exam to be certified again.  

Recertification Requirements

To remain recertified, you will need to complete 60 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) activities during your three-year certification cycle. 

All CPE activities must be completed during your three-year certification cycle and must relate to corporate security management. Certificants must link each submitted activity to an exam Domain. 

Recertification credits are intended for security or business-related learning, mentoring/teaching, or services that are not part of certificate regular job duties or company-specific training. CPEs may be earned in the following categories.

Recertifying before Your expiry Date

Your recertification application should be submitted to Corp Security International through email to along with all CPEs in the third year of your certification cycle. Once your CPEs have been reviewed and approved, your new certification cycle will start where your three-year cycle ended (i.e., you will not get a fresh cycle start and end date).

All CPEs must be earned during your three-year cycle. If you recertify early in your third year and any of your CPEs are not approved, you will have until the end of your three-year cycle to submit you’re missing CPEs.

Once your recertification application has been approved, any CPEs earned after recertified cannot be carried to your new certification cycle before starting.

Please note that during the first and second years of your certification cycle, you can use the portal to store, track, and review your CPEs as you can accumulate them.

Process for Application Submission

  • Name of Certificate Holder:
  • Present Designation of Certificate Holder:
  • Name of Certification Awarded:
  • Expiry Date:
  • Details of Credits Earned: 

Recertification Fees:

Corp Security Members: INR 8000 

Non-Members: INR 15000 

Late fee: INR 5000 

Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) Credits:

Certification Suggested Annual 3 Year Total
CSM 20 60
CSS 20 60
CSI 20 60
CSE 15 45
CSA 15 45
CBCM 20 60
CPE Type Max 3 Year Period
Membership 15
Voluntary Services 45
Education 60
Instructor/Speaker 30
Author 30
Safety Realated Activities 15

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