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Bring Your Passive Income to Life

Are you ready to earn? CorpSecurity is here to help. Let us bring your passive income to life with our CorpSecurity Certification Referral Program.

Referral Process


Find a colleague who needs your help and inform them about the CorpSecurity Certifications.


Send Them our Number, Ask them to call us and Give your Referral.


You get 10% Cashback.


Discover the Power of Referral

We at CorpSecurity, are dedicated to help Security Professionals like you to unleash their full potential in an Innovative Way.

Referral Rewards

2-3 Referrals

Cashback Upto 30,000 INR
Free Enroll In CSA / CSE

5 Referrals

Cashback Upto 50,000 INR
Free Enrollment In CSS / CSI

More Than 6 Referrals

Cashback From ~60,000 INR
Free Enrollment In CSM

Let CorpSecurity’s referral tips help you close the deal

Unlock Your Potential and Take Off with Professional Certifications

Certifications enable professionals to use common terminology, demonstrate their knowledge, and increase their earning potential. 

Share the CorpSecurity’s Certifications page

Encourage noncertified professionals to explore the ISACA certifications page:



Unlock Mutual Benefits With This Win-Win Program!

The CorpSecurity Certification Referral Program rewards referees with 10% off their 1st certification course.