CorpSecurity Referral Program

CorpSecurity Certified Professionals can earn rewards for referring colleagues to register for CorpSecurity certifications.

Referral Process

1. Find a colleague who needs your help and inform them about the CorpSecurity Referral Program.

2.  Send Their Number To Us And Ask them to wait for our call.

3. Referrals Get instant 10% OFF on Their 1st purchase. while you get 10 CEP Credits. Which you can use to buy next CorpSecurity Certification Course.

The CorpSecurity Referral Program has a unique two-fold benefit: It gives certified professionals an exciting way to show their appreciation for the digital trust workforce and also provides an opportunity to help out colleagues while earning fantastic rewards. Everyone can come out of this a winner – so don’t miss out!
Refer & Earn! Member Get A Member (MGAM)


  • Get Instant 10 Credits ( Equivalent of 10,000 INR ) Per Referral.
  • Upon 6 Successful Referrals, You Can Enroll In ANY Course Free Of Cost.
( If you are already certified, You can save these credits for upcoming future CorpSecurity Courses.)

Why Referral?

We are providing Certification to improve the skillset of security professionals.

We are also giving Leadership Opportunities Like :

  • Community
  • Silver Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Chapter Chairman

Spread the word and help others in the security field reach their goals! We all can empower our friends and colleagues by referring them to valuable resources and education. As a professional in the physical security domain, your referrals can be instrumental in helping others gain knowledge and cultivate leadership skills in your field. Let’s come together and create a world of opportunity for those who strive to achieve success in physical security.