By Mohit Singh Yadav

It is almost 02 years now but still we are facing challenges related to Covid and its impacts in our life.  The impact of this is on three major aspects of our life.

  • The major impact on us is of loss of our loved ones, we lost many of our family members, friends, and colleagues. This type of human loss was unimaginable by us, and no one was prepared for this type of uncertainty. Total 31.7 covid cases & 55.1 lacs deaths (till 13 Jan 22).
  • The way we are going on with our lives is completely different than the pre pandemic era. This has major impacts on our mental as well as our physical health.
  • Covid has also impacted our livelihood, many organizations and small businesses were forced to close causing mass job loss and causing a decline in country’s growth and economy.

This has raised many challenges for us but being a security professional, we must face and treat these challenges likewise. Giving up in any situation is not an option but one should make this an opportunity and become a game changer for his/her department.

I know I have your attention on the latter part of the comment and would like to share my thoughts on it. I have always believed there is always a solution or another door available, we just must search and reach on that path and hope for the best.

Security is such a department which becomes a forefront for any interaction with the outsider and in a way becomes the face of the company. Anyone approaching an organization is first catered by security team anywhere.

And in a way Security becomes responsible for securing its assets, assets not only include the materialistic value an organization has but also its employees and their behavior and health, company’s reputation. These will all decide whether an organization will be profitable or not.

Today’s smart Security Professional aligns his/her security function’s objective and mission with organization’s Goals and Visions and becomes a Business Enabler in supporting business to run the best show.

This pandemic has caused us to become a Game Changer as now business looks upon Security for any Emergency Response and Support. We are the ones responsible for securing every asset from every dynamic threat.

In my knowledge I have experienced some best solution for fight against Covid Pandemic.

  1. SMS (Sanitization, Mask & Social Distancing)
  • Vaccination (Mandatory for all along with Booster Shots) & build up immunity.
  • Awareness campaign-Motivate people via sharing Plays, Nukaad Natak, Videos, Story Telling ones who have survived covid and came back stronger.
  • Technology- Implementation & Integration of Touchless biometric (Face based Recognition) & Temperature Sense devices with access control system.
  • Video Analytics-Utilization of existing installed cameras feed & applied analytics rule of social distance violation & without mask at most people gathering area. Real time monitoring & alert-based dashboard. Corrective action by sharing violation pics with defaulter & counselling.
  • Regular Audit & surprise checks of critical area.

The pandemic pushed internal auditors to suddenly rethink audit plans and priorities, navigate a fresh set of risks, adapt to remote working models, and help their organizations minimize the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19. Crisis management, business continuity, and employee health and safety became key priorities. Risk and audit findings had to be rolled up and reported swiftly to accelerate strategic decision-making in a world that was rapidly changing. Meanwhile, as digital transformation sped up, auditors had to work faster to provide timely assurance around the risks surrounding modern technologies.

  • Safe & secure campaign-distribution of N-95 mask, sanitizer, gloves to forefront peoples.

Launch an aggressive campaign to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with the coronavirus infection. Provide education to prepare communities meet the dual challenge of coronavirus and the predicted heat wave.

  • Reward & recognition to corona warriors for motivation.

The ongoing pandemic has brought forward the bravest and the kindest amongst us. While the world battles an invisible and deadly enemy, these soldiers of humanity are at the forefront, leading a good fight, putting others before themselves.

  1. Medication & yoga camps-virtual or under Covid guidelines. If stress, makes you anxious, tense, and worried, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. Anyone can practice meditation. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it doesn’t require any special equipment, and you can practice meditation wherever you are — whether you’re out for a walk, riding the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office or even in the middle of a difficult business meeting.
  • Virtual meeting in place of face-to-face meeting has several benefits like: -Reduced time wasting, Ease of costing, Ease of declining, Directness of communication, less small talk & Ease of saying “no”.
  • Regular broadcast & sharing of motivational videos among people on official & social group to reduce mental pressure of negative news coming on daily basis. Motivational videos work like medicine and treat our mind with positive vibes. Motivational videos are like magic which strengthens our mind. In fact, we will find a huge difference in the productivity and thought process of the person who watches motivational videos.

We Security professionals are the key asset of any org. Our attitude determines how we look at a setback. Every problem comes with an equal or greater opportunity.