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If you’re a physical security professional looking to enhance your career, look no further than CorpSecurity International. In this Blog, we will look at the journey of Security Professional Sakeena Sa Success Story, who achieved Professional Certification with Guided Learning Progam.

Take courage, for it is the first step in creating an inspirational example. Sakeena is a powerful reminder that with courage and determination, anything is within reach. Through bold action, you can make your dreams become reality. You already possess the power to persevere: take hold of it, and witness the transformation! Let your spirit be emboldened by the greatness you can achieve, and be the champion of your own story.

Story Of Sakeena- A Clear Guide To Security Certifications

In 2019, I set a goal for myself to take the PSP exam. But just as I was getting started, I was diagnosed with cancer, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It felt like every time I tried to move forward, something would knock me down. It was overwhelming, and I was failing at everything I wanted to achieve in life.

Fast forward to 2022, and I was facing even more challenges. I had left my old company and joined a new organization in a new environment, and everyone was dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19. But despite all of this, I decided to focus on my self-growth and development.

In January 2023, I attended the course, which helped me overcome my fears and improve my learning abilities. Thanks to the CorpSecurity International course, I was able to read and remember things much faster than before. I was motivated and ready to tackle the PSP exam once again.

That’s when I met my Corporate Security Management Mentor, Siva RP. Despite living in a different country and a considerable time difference, Siva RP was always there for me, answering my questions and providing me with helpful study materials. With his guidance and support, I was able to pass the PSP exam after months of reading, sleepless nights, and consistency.

But it wasn’t just the course and Siva’s tutoring that helped me succeed. It was the combination of video modules, guided learning, and expert support that made all the difference. With the video modules, I could learn at my own pace, and the guided learning helped me stay on track and focused. And with an expert tutor like Siva RP, I had someone to turn to when I needed help.

“It is often the smallest of steps that lead to the greatest transformations. Such was the case for Sakeena, who faced cancer with fortitude and courage, taking on the fight one training at a time. She ended up triumphant—a true testament to the power of perseverance and strength of spirit.”

CorpSecurity International
CorpSecurity international

I want to thank Siva RP, my company Securitas UK, my manager Baanujah Manoharan, and my family and friends for their support through this journey. And as my learning journey continues, I’m excited to take on my next challenge, PCI.

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