The glimpse of a beautiful girl can convey a lot of meanings and directs you with many confusing signals. To understand those signals you have to be the Cupid- the love god.

Like the gods who are immortal, normal people will not be able to do those kinds of celestial things, which are very impossible. As mortal beings, we will talk about few possible things which we can achieve possibly.

When you go shopping or to watch a movie at a commercial complex, the first person to greet you at the entrance is the designated security guard positioned at the entry of the complex.

Have you ever wondered, how does anyone come to a conclusion on how to station your guards in the correct positions?

What would be the best strategy for the security department to post their manned guards on the premises for security purposes?

Need for security

An increase in violent crimes and rapidly growing threats and risks are the unannounced hosts that are preying on human lives for many years. Many people still believe that their governments have enough manpower and resources with them to ensure the safety of the public. The reality is completely different in this globalized and technologically advanced world. Security and safety are a major concern for many nations because the governments’ manpower and resources are not sufficient.

These loopholes are encouraging many organized crimes in form of terrorism, security breaches, drug cartels, and other violent crimes. Just to make sure that all the public is in safe hands the private security industry saw the purpose, need, and demand. With the establishments of private security departments available it can be an easy task to ensure safety and security in many places.

But how well can these private security departments deliver their services be known are from their security staff positioning and stationed guards.

Best ways to secure any place

While planning on how to secure any place in the most effective way, the security department which is assigned with the security duty must always predict the possible outcomes. Try to predict all kinds of threats that might happen or occur on the premises. A good god-like prediction can lead the security department to plan the unpredictable necessary actions that can be taken in case of any emergencies.

The first step in the following process can be achieved by planning the best strategy to position your security guards.

After the technology has clouded in many areas and roles with their performances being good compared to humans, people started believing by installing the CCTV and remote sensors alone can make a place secured enough to avoid all kinds of threats.

CCTV installation on the premises can be a wise idea, but you cannot just ignore the fact that the things which can be performed by humankind cannot be made possible with the help of technology, well at least for now I suppose.

Instead of keeping your all hopes and investing everything in the technology to make you feel safe, try to assign those duties to a qualified professional who can deliver the work very sincerely and keep you safe and sound all the time.

Qualified professionals in the security department to secure a place are the manned guards or security guards you can say. They can be the most trustworthy security detail you can get to do the work. They are trained, they are qualified, they have skills, they can act according to the situations, they can improvise, they are quick to respond.

What more qualities does any technology can add to replace them?

Where and how?

According to researchers, there is a 34% of high chance that the threats can knock on your front doors mostly, and a 24% of chance from the first-floor windows. With the help of the given data, you can get an idea of where to station your guards in more numbers and the places where to concentrate more.

Main entrance

Most professional security guards are trained and physically fit. You can pick among them based on their effective ways, methods to approach a threat, and importantly their skills in accessing the situation well. Security staff possessing these skills can be effective at guarding the main entrance. With the CCTV already placed on the premises, it can help you to pick the areas that are not being monitored by the technology and places that can be secured by the guards on duty.

Rest of the premises

There is another very effective way to make your security system more successful at performing its roles and duties. Instead of just making the guards be a standstill at one position, employ some security professional who can act as mobile patrol guards. These patrol guards can cover more ground by making rounds from one place to other.

 Stationing your security staff at one place can do no good because threats don’t announce themselves before coming. They are just like other trespassers who are unwanted and uninvited guests trying to enter the campus. You need to be ready to counterattack them and send them back to their nests.


Properly organized security patrols with checkpoints at appropriate places can reduce risk exposure to a greater extent. All the checkpoints that are present must have easy access for the security guards and patrol guards only. Any intruder who thinks of entering the place must get an idea of how tight the security system is and they will be deterred by the system.

To be more successful

Safety of the security department

The security department should ensure not only the place is secured, but also the security guards and patrols guards are safe. What good would it be if you have a strong security system with able professionals but no gear or equipment provided to them? Safety of the security guards and patrol guards is also a key way to make your place more safe and secure. Install security tracking systems on the premises to ensure the safety of the security department. Provide them with necessary equipment which can motivate them.

Compromising the security system at any place with more footfall or no footfall can be a foolish way to make people know that you are ignorant about the current situations around the world. Making smart choices is easy for everyone, you just have to be wise about your choices and the chances you are willing to take to make sure that you are safe and also the place around you is secure enough for every individual on that premises.

People assume that nothing bad is going to happen to them as long as there is the presence of God in our world. You are always right about the things that you think are right. Nobody has the right to prove that your statements are wrong. But remember this, even “God helps those who help themselves.”

Assessment is key:

The best way is to position your guards should be based on the risks that you need to reduce. So, involve security experts to carry out an assessment of the security risks of the premises/facility/business. The security experts can give you accurate risk exposure of your facility, which helps you determine the security guarding staff you need. You can also compliment the guarding deployment with technological measures for better results.