Who is responsible for your security? The uncomfortable truth. While growing up, you and I have been told, when in trouble or life-threatening dangers, call Police. They will save you. That’s it.

You have been conditioned to think when life is in danger, you have to call Police, and they will magically come there to save you. This expectation is an impossible standard set in people’s minds. In reality, It is humanly not possible to police to be everywhere. Perhaps it looks good on cinema screens but not in real life.

Everyone wants to be safe & secure, but not everyone takes proactive steps to be safe & secure.

It is easy to become dependent on the government to protect you. Meaning you are giving control to others. Do they protect you?

Because in the end, it is your life. Live or dead, it is you, not the government or others. You must take ownership of your security.

Your security is your responsibility.

Do you think that bad things do not happen to you? Think again!

Look at the local paper or news. The people who became the victims of crime today did not think that anything wrong can happen to them. But today they became the victims.

No one thinks crime is going to happen to them or their families. But the fact is people are becoming victims every day.

Only your security awareness and readiness can protect you from crime.

I gave you awareness, and readiness is your job.

Improve your readiness with professional security planning & upgrading your security plan; have video surveillance (CCTV Cameras), alarms systems if necessary for your home. Develop situational awareness.