Become a Leader


Be the Champion of Change by empowering security professionals in your area


Expand your network of corporate security professionals


Develop valuable leadership skills


Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits


Give back to the profession and local community


Gain a sense of self-accomplishment and self-confidence

Volunteering with CorpSecurity International allows you to engage and connect with fellow professionals while empowering yourself and the security community.

CorpSecurity Volunteers don’t have more time; they have more heart. If you are passionate about your work, we invite you to help ignite that passion in others.  Explore current volunteer opportunities and make a commitment to yourself and the profession.

Chapter Leaders

CorpSecurity chapters aim to create a local experience for members worldwide. Each chapter is led by volunteer leaders serving as CorpSecurity International’s local representatives.

Chapter Chairman

  1. Act as the primary leader of the chapter with a passion for promoting CorpSecurity International’s mission of “empowering security professionals to thrive on excellence in corporate security worldwide” by creating a vibrant local experience.
  2. Organize monthly chapter meetings to discuss best corporate security practices and the latest news, events, or incidents. You can do this through seminars, webinars, lectures, workshops, roundtables, and panel discussions.
  3. Promote the professional certification and membership programs of CorpSecurity International to security professionals and organizations in the area so they can thrive on excellence in corporate security.
  4. Maintain current knowledge of local and industry trends and developments to educate members and represent CorpSecurity International in local and international forums.
  5. Lead by example and demonstrate the highest standard of excellence expected from a member of CorpSecurity International.
  6. Make a real difference in the lives of security professionals by motivating and encouraging them to thrive on excellence.
  7. Leverage your leadership skills and take this chapter to new levels of success.
  8. Be the champion of change in your community.
  9. Inspire today’s security professionals and nurture the next generation of leaders.

Chapter Vice Chairman

  1. Take the lead in supporting your chapter and help to ensure its success.
  2. Show initiative by using your independent judgment to make decisions that positively impact operations.
  3. Help the chapter chair smoothly run chapter operations by staying compliant with reporting requirements and ensuring proper oversight.
  4. Work with the chapter chair to appoint program leads to drive successful chapter activities and results.
  5. Be the force behind your chapter’s success; take ownership of its success and make it happen.
  6. Commit to assisting in everything necessary to make your chapter meetings, functions, and events successful.
  7. Leading by example is the most effective way to motivate others – together, we can make a positive difference.

Chapter Secretary

  1. Serve as the chapter’s primary contact for all official correspondence and documentation.
  2. Prepare and maintain all official documentation of chapter operations.
  3. Submit the monthly chapter progress updates to CorpSecurity International HQ.
  4. Prepare the annual chapter meeting or activity schedule with the chapter chair.
  5. Inform CorpSecurity HQ of the annual election results as soon as they are available or, where applicable, by the 1st of December.
  6. Write and send persuasive emails, WhatsApp messages, Engage Portal posts, or social media posts to keep all stakeholders (chapter officers, members, guest speakers, and hosts or sponsors) up to date on chapter meetings and certification success stories.
  7. Coordinate with the meeting host or sponsor well ahead of time to get members more involved.
  8. Send appreciation notes to speakers, presenters, or those who offer assistance promptly. 

Membership Program Lead

  1. Act as a passionate advocate for the mission of CorpSecurity International and its members.
  2. Develop innovative strategies to recruit and engage new members.
  3. Build strong relationships with members to ensure loyalty and retention.
  4. Motivate security professionals to reach their highest potential through involvement in the chapter.
  5. Promote the benefits of membership to potential members.
  6. Coordinate and facilitate member events, activities, and networking opportunities.
  7. Support existing and new members in leveraging the resources available through CorpSecurity International.
  8. Highlight membership benefits, including professional connections, access to exclusive resources, and recognition for accomplishments.
  9. Network with local and international organizations to build relationships and expand the membership base.
  10. Identify and use measures to track membership progress and improve the program as needed.

Certification Program Lead

  1. Empower security professionals and organizations in the area by promoting the benefits of CorpSecurity Certification programs for attaining the highest standards of excellence in corporate security.
  2. Inform and educate on the various certification programs (CSM, CSI, CSS, CSE, CSA, and CBCM) available through CorpSecurity International and their benefits for advancing one’s career.
  3. Hold guidance sessions, webinars, and seminars on how people can improve their qualifications and advance their professional development through the CorpSecurity Certification programs.
  4. Mentor professionals towards gaining CorpSecurity certifications to reach their professional goals.
  5. Be a role model for aspiring security professionals by taking full advantage of the Certification programs available.
  6. Work towards increasing enrollment in CorpSecurity certification programs by demonstrating the value of such programs to individuals and organizations.
  7. Build strong relationships with security professionals within the chapter to provide support and assistance when needed.
  8. Inspire, motivate, and encourage security professionals to promote excellence in the corporate security field.

Military and LE Program Lead

  1. Act as an advocate of CorpSecurity International’s mission to empower security professionals and encourage excellence in corporate security.
  2. Connect, engage, and support transitioning military and law enforcement personnel into corporate security through innovative, creative, and efficient solutions.
  3. Introduce and promote CorpSecurity International Certification programs designed to equip these professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their new roles.
  4. Promote the memberships, services, events, and activities of the Chapter Military and Law Enforcement Program.
  5. Develop strategies for engagement that target both employers and hiring managers who may be looking for qualified personnel to fill their open positions.
  6. Build relationships with other organizations, employers & stakeholders to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Online Community Officers:

Community Group Lead

Community Group Leads are responsible for actively engaging in the initiatives outlined in the community’s annual plan to ensure objectives are met. Also, responsible for holding regular business planning meetings close to the larger community. These meetings are meant to review annual projects and initiatives to track progress and outline the next steps. The Steering Committee must meet a minimum of 6 times a year

Community Group Ambassador

Ambassadors are members who are formally endorsed as vigorous advocates for the CorpSecurity Community and all its value-added benefits. These members actively and regularly engage inside our CorpSecurity Subject matter groups by welcoming new members, replying to unanswered threads, helping fellow peers with high-level security industry questions, etc.

Blog Contributor

Are you an SME in Security, and Do you have a story to share?
CorpSecurity Blog publishes blog posts that are timely in nature. All blog posts are promoted on CorpSecurity’s social channels and newsletter.
If you would like to write a blog post for the CorpSecurity Blog, please apply to submit your idea for review.
We will not consider pieces that can be seen as advertising for an individual or organization. Topics can be specific but need to have value to a significant segment of the CorpSecurity Professionals:
• tips,
• trends,
• recent research findings,
• significant benchmarks, and
• informative Q&A,
• guidance,
• learnings from incidents