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Know more about your Security Expert and CorpSecurity International Founder

Mr. Siva RP

Siva RP
  • India’s First Security Expert With WorldWide Recognition
  • With Corporate Work Experience Of Above 20 Years.
  • Have Trained 1000+ Security Professional Worldwide.
  • Top Qualifier for Reliance Cadet Training Program.

Loved by Mentees Worldwide!


I would like to appreciate Mr. Siva and the entire team for the support as they have given me for completing my course as this was a new course to me.

And the lectures that were delivered by him is much more informative by which i was able to grasp the things more effectively. I would recommend people who wants to do any courses on “Security” please don’t think to much just go ahead and reachout him or his team, they will guide you properly.
Thank you once again

Indrajit Bose, CSM®

Security Officer, Como Maalifushi

Siva RP is a best-instructors and a good mentor which designed the course to focus on the best practices and experiences to get update and improve faster of knowledge skills.

I would recommended this course for all security leaders, security professional, security manager or who want to become security experts in improving and enhancing security skillas knowledge should join this training and certification program. fulfilling several areas of security domains.

Yaroth Chhay, CSM®

Senior Vice-President, ACLEDA Bank
Ltd. Cambodia

I recently completed the Certified Security Manager (CSM) Program offered by Corp Security International.

I am highly impressed with the quality of education and support provided. The program mentor Siva RP is knowledgeable, Responsive and personal during sessions. I learned a great deal from this program, which has prepared me for a successful career in corporate security.

Mohamed Adel, CSM®

Safety and Security Manager, Nile
University Egypt

Book Seat worth ₹9999 Offline for just ₹99 & learn from your home!
We have limited seats available!