Do you think that you are not making any kind of progress as a security professional even though you have many years of experience under your belt in the field? If so, then a few things might be the reasons stopping you from getting a promotion that you are dreaming from a long time.

Sometimes your good work, capabilities, even your good deeds might go unnoticed, may not help you to accomplish higher positions at the senior level. If you feel the same way, a simple yet effective certification course can equip you with skills and requirements that can help you to achieve your expectations and recognition.   

It is very evident nowadays that private security firms are recruiting and training security professionals to make them approachable by the corporate world. With enough threats that we are surrounded by, the security industry has seen new opportunities to embark on its presence in the corporate world. Many organizations are ready to pay a large sum of money as salaries to the professionals from the security department.

Security professionals across the globe are playing a significant role in terms of safety and protection for many assets, hence the pay is also quite high for these security professionals. A security professional earnings range from 20 lakhs to 1 crore INR or even half a million USD in a year based on their designations, descriptions, and the roles they perform in the field of security.

CSM (Certified Security Manager)

CSM is a certification course in the physical security department that can boost your resume and position in the field of security. Security professionals in the positions like security engineers, security consultants, security managers, regional security managers, loss prevention officers, security supervisors, and security specialists who think it is high time to aspire for senior-level promotions in the security department CSM Certified Security Manager) can be a pathfinder to guide them. With the CSM certification in your hand, you can move up in the positions of assistant security managers, senior managers, security directors, and chief security officers for any organization that requires a security department.

WHAT IS CSM (Certified Security Manager) AND WHAT DOES CSM OFFER?

Few security professionals might have doubts about the CSM (Certified Security Manager) certifications like a few why, what, when, how, and where. Allow me to take you to a phase where you can erase all the questions marks regarding the CSM from your thoughts.

WHY- it is a valid thought that might occur to you, it gives an added benefit to your years of work experience along with few extra skills.

  • Security management
  • Business principles
  • Physical security
  • Investigations
  • Personal security
  • Risk management
  • Information security
  • Stakeholder management

These are the advanced level skills that are induced in the course to fully equip you for the corporate world across the globe.


A course which provides you with an advanced level certification to avail yourself of promotions in the security department. To answer you, there are many benefits included in the CSM (Certified Security Manager) certification.

  • You will be able to learn comprehensively about the advanced methods and concepts of security management that make it easier to find a suitable paying job.
  • Allows you to prove your case in any organization for senior-level positions and promotions.
  • Helps you to climb the corporate ladder in no time.
  • With certification added to your resume, you have an added competitive advantage for better career opportunities with better compensations.
  • A sense of unique recognition professionally among your peer groups.


  • Security professionals with no degree must have 7 years experience and at least 3 years of those must have spent as in charge of security functions.
  • Professionals with any bachelor’s degree must have spent 3 years in charge of security functions with 6 years of career experience.
  • Master’s degree holders are required of 5 years experience in the field among which 3 years should be in charge of security functions.
  • Professionals with CSE/APP certifications are asked for 4 years as an experienced professional in the security department in which he/she must have been in charge of security functions for at least 3 years.


Any security professional who wishes to become a qualified candidate needs to go through 4 months of compulsory modulated Advanced Security Management training program. During the program, the candidate should complete all domain-wise assessment tests and tasks each week throughout the course duration. At the end of the course, the candidate needs to give a final assessment test consisting of 225 multiple-choice questions. To qualify for the certification of CSM the candidate should need to score a minimum of 80% in the final assessment.

Candidates who have successfully fulfilled all the performance criteria in the Advanced Security Management Training Program are awarded the CSM (Certified Security Manager) certification.

 If you have read to this point, then you might be wondering where you can get your hands on such courses and certifications. Any security professional who wants to embrace their career with open arms for acquiring a higher position among the security department in this corporate world needs the CSM certification.

CSM is an advanced-level certification that can be the one last step that you have left unchecked and unattended.

If so, then here is your chance to make progress in your career by choosing the CSM (Certified Security Manager) certification course. We at CORP SECURITY INTERNATIONAL provide the best CSM Certification course to all security professionals who wish to see themselves in a much commanding position in the security department. A few more steps through a few new ways can provide you with a new position in your career in the security industry.

The Course is completely virtual and aspirants can attend the Course from anywhere by logging in to Corp Security International’s learning portal. Many people from the Middle East and other countries have attended the Course. The course is designed in a multi-sensory learning style with mind-maps video presentation, notes, reading suggestions, and practice quizzes. 

Security professionals who wish to add this course to their resume must have not been convicted of any criminal charges against him. The candidate must sign a code conduct certification and should in any way be not responsible to bring the security profession, or Corp security international into disrepute.

This can be your ticket into the corporate world, even with the minimum education that is possible. This can be a new career path for many individuals. Ex-service personnel from the military, police force is also considered ideal candidates for the security department.