Achieve The Highest Standard of Excellence In Security Management With The Certified Security Manager – CSM Certification.


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Are You a Security Professional Looking to Take your career to The Next Level? Or Are you a Military or Law Enforcement Professional Ready to Make the Transition Into Corporate Security?

If so, then CorpSecurity International’s Certified Security Manager (CSM) – globally recognized Secuity Management Certification program is just what you need. This comprehensive security management certification program is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in the field of corporate security.

The CSM Certification Program offers invaluable industry insights and strategies, helpful support resources, and technical know-how to proactively protect your business against risks and threats. You’ll also gain access to our global network of security professionals for best practices exchange, collaboration opportunities, and job leads.

You’re investing in more than just a certification program. You’re investing in your future success as a Corporate Security Professional. Take control of your professional development and enroll in the program today to certify with CorpSecurity International!

Achieve The Highest Level of Excellence In Security Management With The Certified Security Manager (CSM)  Certification Program.

With CSM – the globally recognized Security Management Certification security professionals will become a symbol of excellence in the corporate security field by joining an elite group of corporate security professional who demonstrate superior knowledge and competence in 8 key domains of corporate security management.

This advanced-level corporate security management certification will equip security professionals with the knowledge and competency to excel in the roles such as Security Managers, Senior Security Managers, Regional Security Managers, Security Directors, or Chief Security Officers.

Security Professionals will upskill their knowledge with an Advanced Security Management Training Program and testing that will equip them with subject matter expertise in 8 key domains of corporate securityfrom Security Management Practices, Physical Security Management, Security Investigations Management, Personnel Security Management, Crisis & Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, Business & Operations Management, to Stakeholder Management & Leadership.

If you are security professional or military veteran—you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Start your journey to excellence right now – Enroll in the program today to become a Certified Security Manager! Make the leap today toward a secure and thriving future!

Program Overview

Explore The CorpSecurity International CSM Program Overview

The Certified Security Manager CSM Certification Program is an advanced-level security management training and certification program offered by CorpSecurity International.

What you discover in the program can be applied instantly to advance your professional career and security consulting career.

And once you complete it, you’ll emerge with a system you’ll use throughout your professional corporate security journey to achieve and accelerate all your goals.

Not all security professionals are eligible to pursue the CSM Certification program. Please check below whether you fulfill Certification Eligibility Criteria.

Certification Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a minimum of:0
    8 years of security experience with no higher education degree
  • 7 years of security experience with any degree
  • 6 years of security experience with a master’s degree

Note: CSE certification holders will get 1-year experience relaxation from the above criteria. And the candidate should be in charge of a security function for at least 3 years.


  • Have worked full-time in a security-related role
  • Not have been convicted of any criminal crime that would bring the security profession, CorpSecurity International, or the qualification program into disrepute.
  • Sign the Certification Code of Conduct and commit to following it.

Certification Award Process

CorpSecurity International awards CSM Certification designation to only those who have successfully fulfilled the following performance criteria in the training program & Certification exam:

Step 1
Enroll and complete all modules of the CSM certification body of knowledge through the advanced Security Management Training Course.

Step 2
Pass all domain-wise assessment tests with a minimum of 70% of the score.

Step 3
Pass the CSM certification exam with a minimum of 80% of the score (225 MCQs).

Certification Body of Knowledge

Certified Security Manager (CSM) – Advanced Security Management Certification credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in eight critical Corporate Security domains.

  1. Security Management Practices
  2. Physical Security Management
  3. Security Investigations Management
  4. Personnel Security Management
  5. Crisis & Business Continuity Management
  6. Information Security Management
  7. Business & Operations Management
  8. Stakeholder Management & Leadership

Explore CSM Certification Body of Knowledge

Become the part of corporate security elite! Thousands of professional people have obtained CorpSecurity certification programs to validate their expertise in corporate security. The domains, topics, and subtopics of each certification program are the results of extensive research, feedback, and validation from subject matter experts and prominent industry leaders from around the globe.

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Domain 1 - Security Management Practices

In this domain, you’ll learm key topics in security management practices such as organizational strategy, corporate security setup and management styles, advanced program management, security risk assessment, security awareness and training programs, security policies and procedures, standards and guidelines, security auditing, and governance, risk management, and compliance. We will explore each of these areas to understand them better, learn best practices for implementation, and discuss ways in which these principles can help organizations achieve their objectives.

By the end of this domain, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to make informed decisions about security management that can benefit your organization and lead to a more prosperous future.

1 Understanding Organization & Managing the security programs

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Corporate Security Setup & Security Management Styles
  • Advanced Program Management

2 Security risk assessment

  • Planning & Conducting Security Risk Assessment
  • Qualitative Security Risk Assessment
  • Quantitative Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Risk Assessment Report

3 Security awareness and training programs

  • Planning Security Awareness Programs
  • Conducting Security Awareness Programs
  • Metrics of Security Awareness Programs

4 Security policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines

  • Developing security policies and procedures
  • Implementing security policies and procedures
  • Compliance

5 Security Auditing and Review

  • Planning of Security Audits
  • Conducting Security Audits
  • Documentation
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
Domain 2 - Physical Security Management

1 Physical Security Assessment

  • Planning physical security assessments
  • Conducting physical security assessments
  • Assessment techniques
  • Security Risk Assessment vs. Physical Security Assessment
  • Physical security assessment report

2 Physical Security Strategies & Design Principles

  • Risk management approaches
  • Physical Security Functions/Design Outcomes
  • Corporate Security Risk Management

3 Physical Security Measures

  • Physical Security Personnel
  • Electronic Security Systems (VSS, ACS, IDS)
  • Emerging technology (Video Analytics & AI)
  • Physical Security Procedures
  • CPTED and other structural measures

4 Physical Security Systems

  • Security System Design & Elements
  • Physical Security Project Management
Domain 3 - Investigations Management

Uncover Success with Security Investigation Management:

By the end of this domain, you will have developed a deep understanding of the what, where, when, who, why, and how of investigation – equipping you with the skills necessary to uncover success in any situation.

  1. Principles of Security Investigation
  2. Methods of Security Investigation
  3. Case Management
  4. Applying the investigative strategies
  5. Specialized Investigative Techniques
Domain 4 - Personnel Security Management

1 Workplace Violence

2 Executive Protection

3 Travel Security

4 Security of Special Events 

Domain 5 - Crisis & Business Continuity Management

1 Crisis Management Overview

2 Business Continuity Management Overview

3 Business Continuity Planning

4 Business Impact Analysis

5 Crisis Management Planning 

Domain 6 - Information Security Management

1 Information Security Overview

2 Cybersecurity Overview

3 Significance of Information Systems Security

4 Protection of Information Assets

5 Converged Security

Domain 7 - Business Operations Management

1 Business Metrics

2 Finance Management

3 Human Resources Management

4 Indemnification and Liability Insurance 

Domain 8 - Leadership & Stakeholder Management

1 External Stakeholder Management

  • Liaison with Law Enforcement
  • Networking with industry leaders

2 Internal Stakeholder Management

  • Managing your team
  • Managing your boss
  • Managing influencers

3 People Management and Leadership

  • Basic Principles of Effective Leadership
  • Managing and Leading

4 Road Map to Creating You & Leading as the CSO 

What Certified Professionals Say About The Program

Ahmed Fekry El Hossiny, CSM

Brig. Gen. (R) Ahmed Fekry transitioned into a Corporate Security Management career after serving 30 years in the Egyptian Military. Now working as Area Security Manager for a leading Facilities Management organization in Cairo, Egypt. He finds himself drawn to the Corporate Security function’s ability to create positive out­comes for an organization from top to bottom.
He earned Corp Security International’s Certified Security Manager (CSM) Advanced Security Management Certification in 2022. He says “Part of the value of becoming certified is the invaluable knowledge you gain from CSM body of knowledge and innovative training program. My organization supported me in pursuing my certification because they understand the value this knowledge brings to the organization.”

Brig. Gen. (R) Ahmed Fekry El Hossiny, CSM®

Area Security Manager
Cairo, Egypt

I recently completed the Certified Security Manager (CSM) program offered by CorpSecurity International, and I am highly impressed with the quality of education and support provided. The program mentor Siva Rp was knowledgeable. responsive, and personal during over sessions. I learned a great deal from this program, which has prepared me for a successful career in corporate security

Mohamed Adel, CSM®
Safety and Security Manager at Nile University

That’s great learning and training for certification of certified Security Manager from CorpSecurity International. Siva RP is a best-instructors and a goodmentor which designed the course to focus on the best practices and experience to get update and improve faster of knowledge skills.

Yaroth Chhay, CSM®
Senior Vice President at ACLEDA Bank Plc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will benefit from CSM?

The following Security Professionals will be immensely benefited from Certified Security Manager (CSM) – Security Management Certification Program.

  • Security Managers, Senior Security Managers, Regional Security Managers, Heads of Security
  • Military Officers who want to transition to Corporate Security
  • Owners & Directors of Security Agencies, Independent Security Consultants.
I want to do Security Manager Course for Upgrading my Knowledge. Can I do the CSM?

Security Professionals who want to do the Security Manager Course or Security Management Course for knowledge up-gradation can very much do the Certified Security Manager CSM certification course. Please ensure you meet eligibility before applying.

Who will award the CSM certification to me?

Corp Security International Certification Board will award the CSM to those who meet successful criteria.

What is Corporate Security International?

Corp Security International is an international professional organization for corporate security professionals. It aims to advance corporate security professionals for the next level of their career with the best class resources – free membership, security management certifications, and training.

How much does the study material cost for CSM certification preparation?

At Corp Security international all the study material cost is included in the course fee itself. We don’t charge you separately for the course material.

The study material that is provided will be in a document format along with video formats which is all a package deal under the course fee.

How can I prepare for the CSM Certification Exam?

All candidates must complete the advanced security management training course, which covers the CSM body of knowledge.

This security management course material is a combination of on-demand video lectures and reading, practice quizzes, and domain-wise assessment tests.  notes on all the essential domains.

And the online delivery method of this security management training course makes it available on your schedule, day or night, from wherever you are and from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Why is access to learning portal is only 6 months, not 1 year?

We want you to achieve your goal asap. It is a practical deadline set for the candidates.

If you cannot complete the course within the duration due to emergencies. Corp Security International will extend case to case basis.

What is the duration of a video lesson?

Depends upon the topics. It could be 10 min to 60 min. 

Where and how do we transfer the amount to enroll particular course?

Once you select the required course you just add it into the cart and checkout. Use “Credit card (Stripe)” if you are making payment from outside India...

How can I apply CSM Certification?

Any eligible security professional interested to apply for CSM certification can do so by clicking the  Add to Cart button on this page and paying the course fee along with Certification Application Form.