certified security manager

Certified Security Manager

The Certified Security Manager (CSM) is considered the “Symbol of Excellence” for Corporate Security Professionals. This advanced level certification is for security professionals such as Security Managers, Senior Security Managers, Regional Security Managers & Heads of Security. The CSM certification validates a security professional’s knowledge and competency in 8 key domains of corporate security through an Advanced Security Management Training Program.


The Certified Security Manager (CSM) is globally recognized as the “Symbol of Excellence” for Corporate Security Management Professionals and proves your knowledge and competency in eight key domains of Corporate Security to your colleagues, employer, and clients.


  • Comprehensive learning of advanced security management concepts that makes your job easier
  • Prove your case to the senior management level promotions
  • Quickly climb the corporate ladder
  • Better career opportunities with a better compensation with an added competitive advantage
  • Professional recognition among peers


  1. Security Management
  2. Business Principles
  3. Physical Security 
  4. Investigations
  5. Personnel Security
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Information Security
  8. Stakeholder Management


  • 7 years of security experience with no higher education degree
  • 6 years of security experience with any degree
  • 5 years of security experience with a master’s degree

Note: CSE certification holders will get 1-year experience relaxation from the above criteria. And the candidate should be in charge of a security function for at least 3 years


  • Have worked full-time in a security-related role
  • Not have been convicted of any criminal crime that would bring the security profession, Corp Security Solutions, or the qualification program into disrepute.
  • Sign the Certification Code of Conduct and commit to following it.


Advanced level


The CSM designation is awarded to those who have successfully fulfilled the following performance criteria:

  • Must complete Advanced Security Management Training Course.
  • Must pass all domain-wise assessment tests with a minimum of 70% of the score.
  • Must pass the certification exam with a minimum of 80% of the score (225 MCQs).


Course Fee: INR 50000

Exam Retake fee: INR 5000

Want to stand out from the crowd?


Who will benefit from CSM?

The following Security Professionals will be immensely benefited from CSM – Advanced Security Management Course.

Security Managers, Senior Security Managers, Regional Security Managers, Heads of Security

Military Officers who want to transition to Corporate Security

Owners & Directors of Security Agencies, Independent Security Consultants.

I want to do Security Manager Course for Upgrading my Knowledge. Can I do the CSM?

Security Professionals who want to do the Security Manager Course or Security Management Course for knowledge up-gradation can very much do the Certified Security Manager CSM certification course. Please ensure you meet eligibility before applying.

Who will award the CSM certification to me?

Corp Security International Citification Board will award the CSM to those who meet successful criteria.

What is Corporate Security International?

Corp Security International is an international professional organization for corporate security professionals. It aims to advance corporate security professionals for the next level of their career with the best class resources – free membership, security management certifications, and training.

How much does the study material cost for CSM certification preparation?

At Corp Security international all the study material cost is included in the course fee itself. We don’t charge you separately for the course material.

The study material that is provided will be in a document format along with video formats which is all a package deal under the course fee.

How can I prepare for the CSM Certification Exam?

The classes in the CSM training course are completely virtual & designed with video modulated lectures and important notes on all the essential domains. So, the candidate can prepare at their own schedule and can refer to video lessons any number of times during the 6 months access to the portal. 

Why is access to learning portal is only 6 months, not 1 year?

We want you to achieve your goal asap. It is a practical deadline set for the candidates.

If you cannot complete the course within the duration due to emergencies. Corp Security International will extend case to case basis.

What is the duration of a video lesson?

Depends upon the topics. It could be 10 min to 60 min. 

Where and how do we transfer the amount to enroll particular course?

Once you select the required course you just add it into the cart and checkout. Use “Credit card (Stripe)” if you are making payment from outside India...

How can I apply CSM Certification?

Any eligible security professional interested to apply for CSM certification can do so by submitting the Certification Application Form.