CorpSecurity Triple Crown Certification

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The Power Of Triple Crown

The Mastery of Management skills, Physical Security & Investigation Skillset.

Embrace this once-in-a-lifetime chance to sharpen and broaden your corporate awareness, especially when it comes to security. Power through each of the three certification courses and become a keen, brilliant, intellectual, and unrivaled individual in knowledge and know-how.

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Why CorpSecurity Triple Crown?

Elevate your career prospect with the revolutionary CorpSecurity Triple Crown course bundle, providing you with a trio of certifications: Certified Security Manager (CSM), Certified Security Specialist (CSS), and Certified Security Investigator (CSI). Broaden and develop your knowledge base and enhance your professional influence with this comprehensive package, a uniquely remarkable fusion of management expertise, physical security proficiency, and investigative understanding.

  • Tired of reading long, intimidating books? Take your learning into your own hands with our fun ‘n’ fast video modules that can cover up to 80 pages of material without any hassle. You’ll be the master of your own journey, comfortably and confidently taking in new knowledge at your own pace!
  • Rewarding your commitment to excellence, you’ll earn an authorization of distinction when you complete the Triple Crown—the esteemed CorpSecurity Triple Crown badge. Take this opportunity to become a security proficient: grab the Triple Crown and earn outstanding success!

CorpSecurity International Triple Crown Certification Summary

Description Certified Security Specialist® -Advanced Physical security Specialist Certification for Specialists / Managers / Consultants Certified Security Investigator® -Advanced Corporate Investigations Certification for  Specialists / Managers / Consultants Certified Security Manager® – Advanced Security Management Certification for Managers and Above
Domain (%) Domain 1 – Physical Security Strategies (25%) Domain 1 – Principles and Process of Investigations (25%) Domain 1 – Security Management Practices (15%)
Domain 2 – Physical Security Design Principles (25%) Domain 2 – CorpSecurity Investigation Framework (25%) Domain 2 – Physical Security Management (10%)
Domain 3 – Physical Security Measures (25%) Domain 3 – Common Investigations & Solutions (25%) Domain 3 – Investigations Management (10%)
Domain 4 – Physical Security Project Management (25%) Domain 4 – Specific Investigations & Solutions (25%) Domain 4 – Personnel Security Management (15%)
Domain 5 – Crisis Management (15%)
Domain 6 – Information Security Management (15%)
Domain 7 – Operations Management (15%)
Domain 8 – Stakeholders Management (15%)
Exam 3 hours 3 hours 4 hours
150 multiple choice questions 150 multiple choice questions 225 multiple choice questions
Course Fee 15,000 INR 15,000 INR 25,000 INR
Certification Exam Fee
35,000 INR 35,000 INR 35,000 INR


Harsh Raj, CSM®, CSI®, CSS®
Chief security Safety Officer

I’d want to express my gratitude to Corp Security International for providing the education. It was quite educational and interesting, in my opinion. The course covers a number of skill-building methods and approaches that will help you become an excellent problem-solver and thinker. I liked how the information was well-organized and simple to follow, and I valued the range of resources offered. Once again, I appreciate you providing this training.

I think it will be a useful tool for every security expert trying to get into the corporate security field. I’m eager to put everything I’ve learned to use in both my personal and professional life.

Meymuna, CSM®, CSI®, CSS®
Security Officer

I want to take a moment to thank Corp Security International for the CSM course.I found it to be extremely informative and engaging. The material was well organized and easy to follow and i appreciated the variety of resources provided. Thank you again for offering this course. I believe it will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to transition into corporate security arena. I look forward to applying what i learned in my personal and professional life.