certified security specialist

Certified Security Specialist

The Certified Security Specialist (CSS) is specialized physical and technical security training and certification for security professionals. The CSS certification validates a security professional’s knowledge and competency in 6 key domains of physical security through an Advanced Physical Security Training Program.


  1. Physical Security Risk Management Strategies
  2. Physical Security Design Principles
  3. Electronic Security Systems
  4. Physical Security Measures
  5. Physical Security Project Management


Advanced level – Physical and Technical Security


  • Comprehensive learning of advanced physical security concepts that makes your job easier
  • Prove your case to the mid to senior management level promotions
  • Paves the way to climb the corporate ladder
  • Better career opportunities with a better compensation with an added competitive advantage
  • Professional recognition among peers


  • 6 years of security experience with no higher education degree.
  • 5 years of security experience with no higher education degree but holds CSE/APP certification.
  • 4 years of security experience with any degree
  • 3 years of security experience with any degree but holds CSE/APP certification.


  • Have worked full-time in a security-related role
  • Not have been convicted of any criminal crime that would bring the security profession, Corp Security Solutions, or the qualification program into disrepute.
  • Sign the Certification Code of Conduct and commit to following it.


A successful candidate must go through 3 months compulsory modulated Advanced Physical Security Specialist training program and complete all domain-wise assessment tests, then followed by a final assessment test that consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions.

The CSS designation is awarded to those who have successfully fulfilled the performance criteria in the Advanced Physical Security Specialist Training Program.


Course Fee: INR 30000

Exam Retake fee: INR 5000

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