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CSI is offering free Professional Membership, which you can join for free. You can connect with different people across the world by joining this membership. 

With this CSI Professional Membership, you can save more on the online courses and they conduct webinars so that you can extend your network and share your knowledge with security people. 

Here you can engage yourself and get to know topics that you may not know. 

If you are looking to advance your career in security, make sure to join this free Professional Membership. 

Grow Your Network

  • Industry-leading professional networking and education locally and globally
  • Corporate Security Subject Area Community Groups with discussion forums and volunteering opportunities
  • Thought-leadership and discussion forums with industry peers and experts
  • Professional and industry advocacy lobbying helping to grow, refine and recommend best practices to advance the Corporate Security industry

Find Jobs & Qualified Candidates

  • Find jobs, tools, and resources for job seekers and qualified candidates for employers in the Corp Security Career Centre (WIP)
  • Take your job search to the next level. Begin today by submitting your resume. Our job board is the ideal starting point to get you on your way.
  • Looking for the best Corporate Security employees? Corp Security Career Centre connects employers with highly qualified job candidates locally, nationally, or globally. Find a great fit for your open position(s). Your next best hire is here.

Industry Resources

  • Stay informed on security trends in the global corporate security landscape to better mitigate risks
  • Corp Security newsletter
  • Webinars, Case Studies, Whitepapers, and publications
  • Standards, guidelines, and procedures (WIP)

Advance Your Career

  • Industry best certification programs for the next level of your career. Corp Security Certifications are recognized as a mark of excellence in Corporate Security
  • Online training courses and webinars
  • Substantial member savings on Corp Security Certifications & online courses

Engage, Volunteer & Grow

  • Shape the future of corporate security while giving back to the profession
  • Volunteer through Corp Security communities, and committees
  • Contribute to industry articles, white papers, and research reports
  • Share best practices, security trends, and leadership insights at Corp Security Webinars.

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